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‘Tattis Playdate’

This set was inspired and shot by my mom but I edited for her and the results are priceless! I love this shot of blur from her phone which turned into beauty for me..

the before and after!!! Gosh I love love love this… these will be a special feature in my show.

IMG_7051 IMG_7052After

IMG_7051 IMG_7052 Before

Young but fierce!!

My sweet nieces are always A bundle of joy to shoot!

A blessing in the park

coming soon

Beautiful couple due soon I was there to help there memories come to life and I am blessed to be a blessing. 


Birthday girl

This young lady turned 11 this month she was a joy to capture.

Cynthia & Joseph Engagement

001 collage (1)Cynthia & Joseph Engagement

This is my mom and her King I had the honor of capturing their love tonight and I must say she and her King are very much in love. -Blessings


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