Holiday family shoot 

This time is personal… Had a smiley shoot with my family, short and sweet had a ton of fun.

Ingrid Aspires to Model

This beauty turned 21 yesterday and she was so sweet and easy to shoot. She was camera ready and oh so beautiful.

Random act of Kindness

_MG_9480.jpgtook these for a group of great people in the park all from Canada, Alberta.

Promotion time

These two were on top of it this weekend, enjoyed a sweet weekend with them.

Model May She


On the scene with this beautiful doll and her mom. She is very ambitious and her mom is determined to get her the exposure she needs to be on the set. She has what it takes to make it big…I was honored to be her photographer.


‘Tattis Playdate’

This set was inspired and shot by my mom but I edited for her and the results are priceless! I love this shot of blur from her phone which turned into beauty for me..

the before and after!!! Gosh I love love love this… these will be a special feature in my show.

IMG_7051 IMG_7052After

IMG_7051 IMG_7052 Before

Young but fierce!!

My sweet nieces are always A bundle of joy to shoot!