Get to know the photographer


I am Sarah, passionate about art, helping my family and my works, I enjoy the many challenges that photography brings both great and minute.

” Growth is from wisdom!” my motto.

My idea of being an artist is to tell a story through the lens to capture every detail in the moment.

I am always looking for new opportunities to become a better professional and artist. My goal is to experience new countries, lifestyles, and culture driven projects.

Currently I am locally capturing moments in time. I think I owe some of my classical style to Kem Roberts he has helped me blossom into the artist that I am today. I have taken many photography courses at Phoenix College with experience in the Darkroom and use of Analog Film and Digital Photography as well as Forensics. I have recently landed some of my art in a local online magazine called Deisensi at which is an online nude art magazine, have shot for the Arizona Informant and helped cover our own Phoenix Suns Channing Frys’ story. I enjoy photojournalism, artistic nude, family, couple and nature photography. My Nude sets have also seen store front time at Buds Glass Joint; Head Shop on 1street and Roosevelt as well Pizza People Pub for some of my contemporary works.


Phoenix New Times artistic endeavors contest Top Photographer

The Shutter Release Project, I won ‘Most Promising Photographer’


I  host an annual community gallery called “Po’ Artist Galleries” during the fall. To expose the community to a deeper perspective in art.   see webpage

 In closing my hope is that my art inspires and lives on for decades to come. You inspire me…

Camera experience: Canon 60D DSLR, HassleBlad, Canon t31;t2i DSLR. NIKON

See my blog of other projects and gigs at

Social Media Following:

IG: @swinuri_art

Open to intern in order to gain more experience: Magazine Companies, Newspapers, Master Photographers, Wedding Photographers, Event Photographers etc.


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